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Why Choose us?

Why Choose Us?

What are your post-grad dreams? Do you wish you had pursued a master’s degree before starting your job? Are you in-between jobs and considering higher education? That’s ok. Even those working or between jobs can still pursue a post-graduate degree.


Dynamic Lessons

Each lesson includes a variety of speaking, listening, translation, and activity-based learning activities designed to give you a more holistic grasp on the English language.



Timely feedback is given to show you both your successes and opportunities for growth. Whatever the challenge is, our trainers are there to show you how to improve.


Professional Choice

EdLink offers a professional learning environment with skilled trainers experienced in helping students achieve the goals, marks, and level of English they desire. Always start with the professionals!


Wide Range of Courses

From Beginners to Advanced, from spoken English to competitive exam courses and study abroad counseling; EdLink is here to help you through each step of your journey.


Quality Control

Learning English is much more than just marks on a test or worksheet. Our trainers ensure that you get the best quality training, resources, and strategies you need to succeed.

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