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Cultural Exchange Program (CEP)

What do participants gain through this program?

  • Expanded worldview and cross-cultural skills
  • Guided cross-cultural immersion
  • Deeper understanding of American culture and South Asian cultures
  • Expanded networks of friends, colleagues, and professional contacts
Cultural exchange

Cultural Exchange Program (CEP)

Student Immersion Program (for Indian Students)

EdLink gives Indian students opportunities to experience academic, professional, and culture environment in another country through various student exchange/immersion programs, ranging from one to three weeks in the USA and Singapore.

These programs are a blend of classroom lectures, industrial visits, lab work, discussion panels, group presentations, team-building exercises, and sightseeing.

Some EdLink partner universities offer immersion programs in Business, Engineering, Design, and Leadership tracks.

Cultural Exchange Program (CEP)

Student Immersion Program (for U.S. Students)

EdLink gives young people from the USA an opportunity to come and experience Indian culture and learn many new traditions different from their own.

Each year, students join the Cultural Exchange Program for different lengths of time, ranging from one week to one year.

CEP participants engage in the rich Indian culture in many different ways.

Some of those ways include:

    • learning about different religions,
    • visiting religious sites,
    • eating traditional Indian food,
    • experiencing local markets,
    • learning how to bargain,
    • taking local transportation, and more.

Students love the opportunity to experience Indian hospitality and be invited into homes, where they are able to truly experience life with an Indian family.

CEP participants also have great opportunities to share their culture with Indian students as they participate in local CEP events at schools and universities that are willing to host them. Many of our participants leave with a deep love for India and hope to return again.

In the USA, young people are often encouraged to travel and experience as many different places and cultures as possible; EdLink’s Cultural Exchange Program is a great place to embark on that adventure.


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