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Spoken English

What does EdLink offer in Spoken English courses?

EdLink offers Spoken English classes for all age groups including students, working professionals, and homemakers. This course is broken down into three levels – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. EdLink offers and teaches dynamic and engaging curriculum that engages cultural learning as well as English development.

Why choose EdLink over any other institute?

The difference you will feel at EdLink from other institutes is due to our diverse faculty as we have both Indian and international faculty. You will have the benefit of interacting with international faculty only at EdLink, which will help you enhance your English-speaking skills and your accent. We have a focused and result-driven approach to make a difference in students’ spoken English capabilities.

Spoken English

Available Course Modules


This course is designed for students who know little to no English and want to start from the basics.


  • Basic English vocabulary
  • Introduction to English grammar, including tenses, articles, prepositions, sentence structure, etc.
  • Essential cultural themes for the English language


This course is designed for students who have some knowledge of English but need to work on their speaking skills.


  • Enhance your communication skills
  • Improve your grammar and help in correct formation of sentences
  • Expand your vocabulary, which will help you in your daily communication and correct pronunciation of words


This course is designed for students who have a more significant knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary.


  • Grammar enrichment
  • Pronunciation development and accent neutralization
  • Communication and cultural skills


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