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  • Capital – Canberra
  • Currency & Exchange Rate – AUD – 56.06₹ = $1 (approx.)
  • Famous Cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide
  • Top Universities – The University of Melbourne, The University of Sydney, The University of Queensland, RMIT University, Victoria University
  • Preferred Courses/Programs – Accounting, Agricultural Science, Architecture, Biomedical Engineering, Psychology
  • Few notes on Visa – To obtain an Australian student visa, a student will need to fulfil the Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement (GTE). To achieve this requirement, the student must show that their intention is to remain in Australia only for the duration of their studies and any related employment. This is based on several factors, including the circumstances in the student’s home country and in Australia, the value of the student’s chosen course for their future, and the student’s immigration history. In addition to satisfying the GTE requirement, students must also show financial ability, English proficiency, and meet health and character requirements.
  • Stay Back – A Temporary Graduate visa (Subclass 485) is available for international students who have graduated from an Australian University. This visa allows graduates to remain in Australia and work for up to 3 years following their graduation.
  • Trending Job Fields – Nursing, Education, Software Development, Construction Management, Civil Engineering
  • Popular Foods – Fantales, Vegemite, Hamburger with Beetroot, Barramundi
  • Famous People – Hugh Jackman (actor), Nicole Kidman (actress), (Chris Hemsworth (actor), Rupert Murdoch (business leader)
  • National Sport – Cricket


  • Capital – Ottawa
  • Currency & Exchange Rate – CAD – 57.81₹ = $1 (approx.)
  • Famous Cities – Toronto, Montréal, Calgary, Ottowa
  • Top Universities – University of Toronto, York University, McGill University, University of Waterloo, Concordia University
  • Preferred Courses/Programs – Management Consulting, Banking, Cyber-security, Engineering, Medicine
  • Few notes on Visa – Study permits are available for students who have received an admission offer from a Canadian University / College. Study permits are not visas, and must be shown along with a valid visa to enter Canada. If a student is approved for a study permit, they will be given a visitor visa or electronic travel authorization. The visa application fee is 150 CAD or 8,753 INR.
  • Stay Back – If a student has studied in Canada for more than 8 months, they will be eligible to apply for a work permit to remain in Canada up to the amount of time spent in studies. The limit to this work permit is typically 3 years.
  • Trending Job Fields – Web Development, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Nurse Practitioner, Business Development
  • Popular Foods – Poutine, Tourtière, Fiddleheads, Maple Syrup
  • Famous People – Elon Musk (innovator), Celine Dion (singer), Justin Bieber (Singer), James Naismith (inventor of basketball)
  • National Sport – Ice Hockey/Lacrosse
  • Interesting Fact – Canada has the longest coastline in the world, at 243,000 km along the shores of 52,455 islands

New Zealand

  • Capital – Wellington
  • Currency & Exchange Rate – NZD – 90.88₹ = $1 (approx.)
  • Famous Cities – Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Queenstown
  • Top Universities – University of Otago, University of Auckland, University of Canterbury, Victoria University of Wellington, Auckland University of Technology
  • Preferred Courses/Programs – Tourism, Hospitality Management, Information Technology, Engineering, Business
  • Few notes on Visa – To obtain a student visa for New Zealand, you will need to be accepted for a course at an academic institution approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). You will also need proof of financial ability to pay for your course tuition, living costs, and for a plane ticket back to your country of origin.
  • Stay Back – Students who complete a UG or PG course in New Zealand are eligible to apply for a post-study work visa. If accepted, this will permit students to remain in New Zealand to pursue employment for 1, 2, or 3 years after completion of their course, depending on their qualification and where they studied.
  • Trending Job Fields – Finance, Electronics, Hospitality and Tourism, Construction Management, Health Care
  • Popular Foods – Māori hāngī, Barbeque, Crayfish, Kiwi Burger, Jaffas
  • Famous People – Peter Jackson (director), Lorde (singer), Steven Adams (athlete), Russell Crowe (actor)
  • National Sport – Rugby

United States of America

  • Capital – Washington DC
  • Currency & Exchange Rate – USD – 72.5₹ = $1 (approx.)
  • Famous Cities – New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas
  • Top Universities – Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of Texas at Dallas, Columbia University
  • Preferred Courses/Programs – Business Administration, Business Analytics and Data Science, Computer Science, Information Technology
  • Few notes on Visa – An F1 Student Visa is required for studies in the US. Students must show proper documentation after receiving an admission offer from an accredited American University. Students will need to demonstrate proficiency in the English language via an accepted English exam (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.) Students must also give a visa interview at their country’s US Embassy or Consulate. The visa application fee is $160 USD or 11,727 INR
  • Stay Back – An Optional Practical Training (OPT) permit allows an F1 Student visa holder to remain in the US for up to 1 year after completing studies. Students who graduate with a degree in specific STEM fields may be eligible to apply for up to 2 years of OPT extension
  • Trending Job Fields – Healthcare, Software Engineering, Digital Marketing, Business Development
  • Popular Foods – Sandwiches, Pizza, Fried Chicken, Pie
  • Famous People – Leonardo DiCaprio (actor), Bill Gates (innovator), Beyonce (singer), Warren Buffet (business leader), Kamala Harris (vice-president)
  • National Sport – Baseball

United Kingdom

  • Capital – London
  • Currency & Exchange Rate – GBP – 100.48₹ = £1 (approx.)
  • Famous Cities – London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow
  • Top Universities – Oxford University, King’s College London, University of Manchester, University of Leeds, University of Cambridge
  • Preferred Courses/Programs – Business, Engineering, Information Technology, Law, Arts
  • Few notes on Visa – The UK adopted a new points-based student visa process in October 2020. Students are now allowed to begin the process up to 6 months prior to their course start date. The main 3 items required in the process are an academic offer from an approved academic sponsor, demonstration of English proficiency, and demonstration of financial ability. The visa application fee is 348 GBP or 34,595 INR.
  • Stay Back – As of September 2020, the UK offers a 2-year post-study work visa for international students. This allows UG or PG graduates of a university in the UK to remain in the UK for up to 2 years to search for employment before needing to apply for a work visa.
  • Trending Job Fields – IT Engineering, Mobile Development, Public Health, Financial Management
  • Popular Foods – Fish and Chips, Shepherd’s Pie, Eton Mess, Bangers and Mash
  • 4-5 Famous People – JK Rowling (author), Isaac Newton (innovator), The Beatles (band), Julie Andrews (actress), Ed Sheeran (singer)
  • National Sport – Cricket


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