Associates Testimonial

“I have lived and worked abroad in academia, including at top 50 global institutes, in two different countries over more than 13 years. You can only underestimate the transformative power of cross-cultural exposure on young minds.  

EdLink is a bridge between Bhopal and the World committed to education space. It brings students from abroad on India immersion, and facilitates immersion and study abroad for students from India. It also connects institutes from India and abroad. EdLink was instrumental in JLU’s connect with CBU. 

I admire the team for their passion, patience and integrity. Bhopal can significantly benefit from your presence. I wish you well.  “

“We have been doing work with the EdLink team from the beginning. They are dependable and work hard to make sure that your goals in life and career are achieved. If you are looking for help taking the next steps toward your future EdLink is a great place to start.”

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